The years of absence from the goldsmith sector have helped to find the woman in me that I had lost. Years of living in places that I would never have thought of residing, spent understanding where and how to begin again. Years of research to understand that only within me could I find the most beautiful journey, more intense, more true, and that only by ceasing to search could I start discovering.

They have been years during which I have gained even more passion for jewellery and the desire to propose myself firsthand; but only after finding the jewel that I first wanted to wear.

Maria e Luisa Jewels is the multiple identities of a single name; and is a sapient blend of the perfumes of Asia and the West, the gypsy culture combined with the flavour of the earth that I am closest to.

Maria e Luisa embodies the synthesis of the woman I am, expressing the passion for my work and represents the bond between the past, the present and the future.

Maria e Luisa is the embrace and the wonders that I found in the streets of the world that I now want you to feel as well.

The desire and the inspiration

The word memory is static when it isn’t accompanied by the emotion of the return journey it presupposes. An emotion is a journey inspired by a desire to expose yourself to new things without fear of recognising oneself in these places. A gathered rock, wrought by time or by the sea is full of energy that creates forms.

A leaf, a berry or a splinter of wood if searched for and then found can convey the emotion experienced.
Observing some dried red roses hanging from a shelf I asked the woman who had kept them how they could still be so beautiful after so long. Smiling at me she said:

“because they are full of good luck wishes and the roses do not want to let them go.”

If I think of my jewellery I do not want to be told that they are beautiful, this would reduce them to trivial souvenirs. My desire that they are idyllic fragments, to be placed on the table in moments of peace.

The inspiration of the materials

We take inspiration from the colours of earth and it is she who gives us the raw materials.
Silver, gold, natural stones, precious and semi-precious gems, are the materials that give life to the Maria e Luisa Collections.
Warm metals, inviting and malleable, whose surfaces are shaped and moulded into unexpected profiles. The hot colour of gold accompanies the purity of the silver, the naturalness of the stones arouses and enhances the forms in an enchantment of brilliance, lights and colours.
Smoky, pink and cognac quartzes, prasiolites, amethysts, onyxes, london and sky topazes are the natural stones that make up the world of the Maria e Luisa Collections. All the stones are cut in Italy and originate from Brazil.

The intimacy of gestures in a jewel that is Made in Italy

Exceptional master craftsmanship, innovative design, functionality and contemporary materials of the highest quality, are the guaranteed standards of the Maria e Luisa creations.
From the design to the completion of the jewel every step is followed by a master goldsmith who transmits his experience, his expressions of quality, his refinement, his exclusivity to the jewels.
The Maria e Luisa jewellery is in 925 silver, handmade by master goldsmiths in Milan with the use of the engraver and without recurring to computer technology.
The details are in 9 carat gold, and the burnishing tends to get shiny over time. The jewel will thus take on splendour and uniqueness.

Maria e Luisa Jewel Warranty

“Maria e Luisa, faithful to the tradition of the best Italian goldsmiths, creates jewels of the highest quality, expressions of true love for nature, design and life.
All the jewels are handmade by milanese master craftsmen in gold and silver 925/1000 with precious and semiprecious stones.
The jewels combine charm and originality to the rigorous manufacturing process that has always distinguished “Made in Italy”. The choice of the stones and materials, the accurate and patient artisanal craftsmanship makes each jewel unique.
Maria e Luisa creations do not necessitate any particular maintenance apart from love and attention. Worn daily the burnished surfaces will become overtime shinier, giving the jewels an antique touch that transcends fashion and time.
For this reason we hope that they will accompany you on your travels and turn into your companions for life, and that wearing them becomes synonymous of liberty and love”.

(Credit: some pictures have been reproduced in this page by courtesy of Alessandro Arenberg and Ugo Panella)